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Customers say

"This light produces quality over quantity. Not that the quantity isn't there, just saying this is a quality light that is bigger than cheap LEDs on the market that boast twice as much of a footprint. The product isn't as efficient as top of the line LEDs but I would argue the most efficient cant compete quality and yield wise. Anyway, fun light. If you're hesitant, grab a little grow light bar while they last."

Mr Johnson

"I recently purchased the MSR 1200w and i couldn’t be happier. It is truly a quality product. Having just got my medicinal license it is just what I needed"

― James G.


All I can say is good things about this light! I have been using for about a month now and it is just covering the 4x4 grow tent with light! and its full spectrum light with quality diodes and drivers. the fans are not loud considering there are 6 of them total too cool down this bad boy, which they do an efficient job of. the plants have responded so well after switching out the hps for this light. and im using half the power for better light and more of it! I cant see a downside, and i looked to try and find one negative about this light to tell everyone but i couldn't. the only thing that i would like to see is the clips where you hang the light a bit bigger. other than that no complaints and im picky about lights as i have HLG quantum boards and high-end lights. i needed a nice light at a decent price to fill a 4x4 tent.

I highly recommend this light MRS-2400W to anyone that want a quality light at a price that doesn’t break the bank. you will be happy with the light for years to come. and Morsen has a great team they even include their email, phone number, and skype info on the directions paper in the box. Very nice customer service touch! I have included pictures for your viewing pleasure and i hope you take my advice and get a light that will grow with you until the end!

Customer Testimonials

"I would like to write a review… For anyone that is curious, I am using the M 1800w for actual vegetables! Strange, I know…But let me tell you… This light panel is UNMATCHED. Even vegetation on my veining fruits remains compact. Fruit production, on both tomatoes, and blueberries is spectacular. Dill is overgrown, and I cannot possibly pick enough! The taste of the herbs is spectacular, and furthermore, I couldn’t give the light the credit it truly deserves. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank You!! "

Thomas A.

"Amazing product!!! Very satisfied with how the plants are reacting with the lights.
I am doing a test with a few other lights, Morsen is doing the best so far. Very bright, spectrum is great. Currently beating viperspectra, mars, and king.
Great customer service as well.
I will be posting the review for this test on rollitup and 420mag"

― Tiffany

"I recently moved my aquaponics system from living room to the basement to have some expansion and have to get a bigger grow light. After running some searching and comparison, finally I got MRS-600W ordered.
The setup is extremely simple, because the hangers are provided. The greatest two of my favorite features of this grow light are:
1. Energy savings, it just cost ~120W and produces 600W light intensity, with the high efficiency LED bulbs.
2. Dual mode - vegetable and bloom, so at different stages, I can easily switch the mode, although currently I mainly use the vegetable mode.
It's now controlled by a mechanical timer and turns on for 10-hours and I already see the improvement of the growth of my vegetables. It's an awesome choice to boost the indoor gardening

― Diana Perez


"This 2400 watt Plus LED grow light is very powerful! And even with 3 fans it is still relatively quiet! I have it hooked up in my basement to start the seedlings to be planted this Spring. We live in a cold weather climate and normally I can’t start growing my plants until May. Now, I can grow them all year long! So I think I should do a video to show it to the other customers that this is the grow light you should buy. The light is very well made and you just cant beat a 3 year warranty! "

― Harold Garrettkenneth

"I have had great growth in the two weeks I have been using these lights, and the plants (white widow) love them. There is a little heat from these lights, but it maybe raised my grow room temp by 2 to 4 degrees, no big deal. 4x10x7 room. I will be purchasing two more of these lights for the room, as I feel about 1200 watts per every two plants is a minimum in led lighting to accomplish the turn around I want, on the 4 plants i can legally grow. (4 weeks veg, 8 weeks flower on 4 week old clones) I prefer using the 4 smaller lights VS; two larger ones, just in case I have a light malfunction, I still have light going till I get it fixed or replaced. Cant wait for my reflective poly, and my nutrients to get here. If I run into any probs with the lights I'll update for sure, but love them so far.

Update: The little noise in the fan went away after running the light for a little while. I did end up buying a 1200 watt version of this light, and put it on my two vertical plants, so I could use the two 600 watt lights on the screen of green. All the lights function as designed, and my plants budded out nicely. I am very happy with my purchase, and definitely plan on getting two more 1200 watt lights. I'll add a couple of pics of when they were close to cropping. Cant go wrong with these. Happy growing.

Update: added two pics of my White Widows, right before harvest. They loved these lights. Def would recommend. P.S. I had a fan go out, and they sent me two. Awesome customer support!

ccc on May 25, 2018


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